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Slither.io Tips Tricks and Lag Fix

Slither.io is one of the most interesting online games which is very simple to play. It is a snake game where everyone is on the same field and your objective is to become a larger snake by eating the dots that lie around. You can also become large by gobbling up other snakes by letting them headbutt you or trapping them in a way that you gobble them inside you to become even larger.



Slither.io Tricks
But when you grow as a larger snake, there are some issues with the graphics and you may face some lags. We will let you know on how to fix the lags. More than that, we will also tell you some tips and tricks that will make your gaming experience far better.

Tips and Tricks for Slither.io

1. Just eat and dodge snakes
When you first start playing the game, your only motive should be to eat as many dots as you could and dodge the other snakes. Once you become big enough, you can then start trapping other snakes into headbutting you so that you can gobble them up.

slither.io lag fix

2. Try wrapping around the snake
Once you become decently big enough, you can then try wrapping around the smaller snake to gobble them. This is a nice trick to try but remember that it is also very risky and the smaller snakes can also eat you.

3. Speed up your snake
There is also a feature in the game where you can speed up your snake. In the process, your length reduces but there can be many advantages of doing this. You can outrun many snakes or also try the wrapping around method by speeding up your skins.

4. Try different skins
Not many people know that when you share the game on any social media, then you can avail different type of funky skins in the game. It is pretty interesting and you can get a new skin just by sharing the game with your friends.

5. When big snakes die, stay back
When the big snakes die, there are many snakes that come around to eat the remains of the snakes that are left. But this results in many more snakes dying in order to collect more dots. Thus, you must stay calm and let everyone die then go into it and collect what’s left. This is the best you can do when a big snake dies.

Slither.io Lag Fix

To fix the lag that you face while playing the game, you can clear your browser cookies first. After you do that, you will see improvements in the game, you can also delete unnecessary extensions that are in your browser which will improve the game performance to a large extent. If you still face lags after doing this, then in the game settings you can change the graphic settings to low quality which will compromise on the visuals but will lead to reduction in lags so you can play better.

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