Mekorama Level 19 Robo Rally Solved Walkthrough Solutions Answer

The puzzle game Mekorama is as tough as it seems interesting. Getting ahead is really complex and you might want to see the solutions when you are stuck for too long. It is a new Android puzzle which is specially made for people who love brainstorming.

As the level keeps increasing, the difficulty keeps on growing more. But once you know the walkthroughs of the game, it then becomes really simple. If you feel you are stuck on the level 19 Robo rally for too long, don’t worry you are not alone. The level is quite tough and we will provide you some solutions to get through it.

Mekorama Level 19

Solution to the Mekorama Level 19 Robo rally

At the beginning, get to the outer most blocks in the green region and step on it. Once you rise and after you come down, walk straight on to the path and climb on the block exactly straight to the previous block. Then you would need to again walk straight from the block you got off and climb on the front one. You need to carry the same process till all the corner blocks are covered.

After they are done, you have to stand on the only box remaining in the outer grid. Go on to do the same process and walk over the block which is in the inner grid until one block rises and then you will be redirected to the center block which will mean that you have completed the level.



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