Samsung Galaxy 7 Note: In search of the Next Gen Technology

With the rumor mills running 24 x 7, the news about the groundbreaking specs of Galaxy Note 7 is making a strong impact on the android market. The device is likely due for launch this August and will be packing quite a few Easter eggs along with the predictable goodies which Samsung gives to every user without fail.

How will it look?

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Release Date

To begin with, this will be a member of the edgeless series which has been taking the android users by storm. Now with a much larger display and much denser pixel distribution, Note 7 will be a masterpiece as far as notes are concerned. The note will come with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 back panel which will impart the Note its characteristic waterproof and dustproof properties. The 5.8 inches super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen is perfect for video watching, video chatting, playing high res games and of course, working!

How much can it remember?

The new Note supports up to 256 GB external memory. Interestingly, in the dual SIM model one can use the second SIM slot as a transient memory card slot or so is the rumor. Internal memory varies between 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB depending on the models and the user’s choice. However the device is not slowed down by the massive memory. The Note 7 will be powered by a 6 GB RAM running on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 823 chipset. The possibility of launching with an Exynos 8 Octa 8890 chipset is not too dim either. Samsung did pull the stunt last year, and we cannot complain too much since we loved how seamless and fast the Exynos took us through the entire Note experience.

Good news for shutterbugs

Although Notes are not the primary choice of photography enthusiasts, this one may be coming to change this concept. The primary camera will not be less than 15 MP and will be coupled with phase detection autofocus, LED flash, OIS, geo-tagging, facial recognition, 4K video support, auto HDR, panorama settings and much more. The secondary or selfie camera will be around 5 MP which will give most popular Notes and Tablets in the market run for their money. The new Galaxy S7 is also deemed to support dual video recording which is quite an unforeseen feat in Samsung Notes.

A little something extra

In addition to the awesome memory, processor and camera features the new upcoming generation of Note will also bring a plethora of surprises for the users which include accelerometer, gyro, compass, fingerprint scanner, iris scanner and active noise cancellation while on call.

When and where do we see Note 7 next?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will soon be available in the market (August, 2016) in dazzling metallic colors like Gold Platinum, Silver Titan, White Pearl and Black Sapphire. The non-removable Li-Po battery is all set to give the users a power-packed performance for at least 36 hours. The Note 7 is rumored to be powered by a 4600 mAh battery. The Note will come with a wireless charger, which is the norm for Android Notes of this generation. Built-in features will allow users to charge the Note faster than usual. We also waiting for Galaxy S8.

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