How does UBER work ?

Many of you must have idea about Uber. The premium Cab service , which has network all over the world. Here in India also it is one of the most prominent online cab system. Uber has serving in India from many past years flawlessly. It’s may be because of the quality service it provides. There are many Cab service available in India but people prefer Uber over them mostly. Because of its cheap price. So how does Uber work ? And how to use it. Here down is the detail procedure of whole system.




  1. First download Official Uber app from playstore.
  2. Then Open it.
  3. It will ask permission to access  your location. Grant it.
  4. Then it will ask for two options “Sign In” and  “Register”
  5.     If you don’t have a n account before; Register for a new account.
  6. After registration and completing stuffs like linking your debit card and paytm account , UBER will show your location.
  7. And the available Cans near around you.
  8. In the lower part you will see options for “Uber Go” and “Uber X”
  9. Uber Go stand for General Cabs while Uber X stands for Premium cab.
  10. Tap on which ever you need. Then you’ll find the option on the map “Set Drop Location” along with “Request Uber Go” down the screen.
  11. After setting the drop location, choose payment option and then Press “Request Uber Go
  12. After some seconds of loading, UBER finds the nerest can near you and alerts the driver too.
  13. Then Uber gives you the contact detail of the driver so you can ask him about his whereabouts and you’re good to go.


   This is how Uber works. It is totally easy to use UBER. Just all you’ve to do is to follow instructions carefully. If you’ve any queries regarding this whole procedure, just put them down under comment below. And we’ll try to solve your queries as soon as possible.

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