How To Get Discount using Uber Promo Code ?

Travelling is a hectic thing when you do not have your personal vehicle. Getting stuck somewhere, got late at office or somewhere and you find no cab or bus to take you home. These scenarios are not only bad for men but worse for women. Working in locations that are pretty far off and have no access to public transport can tire you up. So what do you do? You install Uber app.



About Uber

Uber is a location based app that allows you to order a private cab at your location till the point of your desired drop off. The private drivers come to your exact location. It is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. You can also track the motion of taxi driver from your app. And all this on your mobile and just few clicks is the only work you have to do.

How to use Promo code?


Promo codes are the codes through which you can get a certain discount on your rides via Uber cabs. These codes are given by the Company and you just find these codes online. One of the main benefit or advantage to give these promotional codes to their users by the Company is to promote their cabs as much as possible. Here are the steps to avail discounts on rides via these promo codes…


  1. To use the promo code offered by Uber for new customers you have to use it during signing up for your account.
  2. When you are making an account online you shall see the option for entering the promo code.
  3. You have to use the code then and there.
  4. By entering the right promo code, click on the “Apply” button and book a ride.
  5. After end of your ride, you will get a certain discount on your final bill with the help of these promo codes.download-lyft-450x281

How to use Uber services?


  1. To start using Uber as a passenger firstly you have to sign up to create an account which can be done online.
  2. After signing up you will need to download and install the app in youriPhone, Android, or Windows
  3. Once you have created your account and installed the app just simply launch the app.
  4. A login prompt will appear in which you can sign in with the credentials you used during the signup process.
  5. After signing in to your new account you need to either link your credit card or PayPal account as a form of payment.
  6. You do not have to worry as you will only be charged when you take rides, but this allows for a cash free encounter.
  7. Now you’re ready to go! Whenever you need a ride just simply open up the Uber app on your phone and choose desired pickup location that is where you are now, select the car service you prefer from the bottom, tap “Set Pickup Location”, then confirm your request by tapping “Tap To Request”.

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