How much does Uber cost?

Travelling these days is not an easy job. Sometimes you do not get a taxi or bus. If you have your own vehicle then a flat tire or running out of petrol are very common problems and at that time you need to take a cab and get to a mechanic and bring him with you. If this happens on a day that you were working the whole day then it is nothing less than a nightmare. Even for women it can be a problem as sometimes they get stuck in places with no access to public vehicle. This is where Uber comes to help you.

Uber Prices

What is Uber?

Uber is an app that sends a private taxi driver to your desired location. The private drivers come to your desired pick up point and take you wherever you desire. This app makes travelling convenient and safe. Also it is completely affordable. Once you have ordered a cab you track the motion of taxi driver from your app. You just need to have an Uber account and an app in your phone.

How much does Uber cost?

Uber Cost

If you are new then it is obvious to be curious about the money it will cost you to see if you have enough in your pocket or not. So to solve this problem Uber has give a cost estimator in the app. To use it here are the steps –

  • Input pick up destination (This will not call the cab)
  • Then click Fare Estimate option
  • Input Drop off location
  • And the cost is in front of you

The cost depends on the city you are in and the type of Uber service you ask for. For instance there are options like Uber X, XL, Uber Select Black Car and SUV type of service. You can choose any.

How is Uber cost calculated?

Uber cost is calculated on four points –

  • Base fare –A flat fee will be charged at the beginning of the ride
  • Per minute charges –How much time you’re inside the ride
  • Per mile charges –How many miles are there between your pick up point and your drop off point, each mile of the ride will be counted
  • Booking Fee or ‘Safe Rides Fee’– A flat fee to cover ‘operational costs’ (Not included for UberBlack and UberSUV)

So the formula used is – Base Fare + (per minute charges * time in ride) + (per mile charges * ride distance) + Booking Fee = Your Fare

How to use Uber services?

  1. To use Uber services you need to have an Uber account that can be created online.
  2. Then you have to download the app which is available for Windows, Android and iPhone.
  3. Then login with your credentials you used while making the account.
  4. You also have to add your bank account or PayPal account for payment purposes and in some Asian Region PayTM is also acceptable.

This service is a life saver for those who do not have personal vehicle and have to travel to remote areas for work.

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