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IDM for Mac- Internet Download Manager in Mac using Wineskin

Internet download manager happened to be a dream for MAC use. But not now. We have seen how to downloads Internet download manager via crossover in Mac Os. There in an another way of using it. By using Wineskin. This one is also an easy procedure. After doing this, you can easily enjoy Internet download manager and high speed downloading in Mac Os. Wineskin is an utility that allows you to run Windows apps on Mac Os. So without discussing further here is the complete procedure. iOS is awesome..  But sometimes it sucks because it is an unnecessarily closed platform. However Internet download manager is available for Mac Os also. So you can use Internet download manager in Mac Os and get full download speed. So here is the process to access IDM from Mac Os with using Wineskin. We have already discussed about how to install Internet download manager using CrossOver.




  1. First download Internet download manager.


  1. Drop Internet download manager in the application section



  1. When the application windows opens. You can easily drop it there


  1. Now when you click the IDM opens on on a new window. It will ask for update. This is on you. If you want to update or not.


  1. You’re good to go. You can enjoy full speed downloading.


  1. Using internet download manager gives you a total new experience.


  1. It supports all the feature available for windows out there.


  1. Works on video pages as well. Works as a video grabber.


So this bis how you can install Internet download manager in Mac Os. Hope everything was clear. But still if you have any doubt regarding any of this, just put them below in the comment section.

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