How To Use Uber Fare Estimator


Hey there! Today’s article will is specially written to help ot the regular Uber users.Uber as we know is ine of the best Cab services available and they are nailing the job in every way.
But as they offer so many types of Cabs like Uber GO,Uber POOL etc, its almost impossible to guess how much your next Uber ride will cost you.
But Uber has a solution for that too.So instead of doing calculations over the type of cab,distance of travelling,time of travel etc to make an estimate of the price of the ride,you can just use the Uber Fare estimator.
Uber Fare estimator allows you to calculate an estimated price of the Uber ride you are going to take.It keeps up perimeters like distance of the ride,approx time that will be taken,surge prices (if any) and the rate o the cab and then it gives you a result.The Uber Fare estimator uses data regarding the updated Uber’s Cab rates so it won’t dissapoint you by giving wrong results.

Here’s the step by step guide on how you can use the Uber Fare Estimator to calculate an estimation of the price of your next Uber ride:
Step 1) Log on to http://uberestimate.com/
The site has some ads but still its very responsive an does it’s work well.

Step 2)Enter your Pickup location
Try to be as accurate as you can
Step 3)Enter your Destination

Step 4) Click on Calculate and you are done!

A new page will open with the predicted prices.The prices for different kinds of rides like Uber GO, Uber X, Uber Pool etc will be given accordingly.

Points to be noted:
The site works flawlessly an efficiently in both Smartphones and PCs as we tested it on different browsers and faced no issues. Moreover,it provides a GPS map view when enter you Pick Up and Destination location so make use of that GPS view to ensure you are calculating the fares for the right places.

Things To Keep In Mind:
The prices are just an estimation.So make sure you are having more bucks in your pocket than what’s showing in the Estimator.Also to be more precise,show the estimated prices to your Uber driver and make sure he says it is convincing.Also keep in mind that whenever you input your Pickup location and Destination,don’t forget to check if the spelling of the place is right.As a single spell error may lead to the price estimation of a different travelling distance and you might end up getting screwed with the results.

NOTE:The Uber Fare Estimator can be used even you are not upto taking a ride,so don’t think you have go to calculate the price only when you are about to travel for sure.

So that was it.Make sure to use the Uber Fare Calculator the next time you go for a Uber ride and avoid depending on any other means to calculate an estimated price.
Thanks for reading the article and hope it helps you over your future Uber rides.Good day!

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