Download best Antivirus app of 2016 for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Android is an open source platform, and manufactures added their capabilities into their devices powered by Android. But Android has given better features and better user interface but very low security system compared to other platforms. So Android devices are much prone to get infected by external apps or through networks. So we need to download best antivirus app for Android to safeguard our Smartphone. Even several apps downloaded from the Play store might infect your device.

antivirus app for android

Recently Hackers News posted about new threat Godless in Android devices which roots your device and continuously show Porn Advertisements on your screen. Before the release of Pokemon Go, there were lots of malicious apps found on Play Store which later on removed by Google, those apps had capability to secretly root your devices without your knowledge and some of them also had ransom-ware threat which automatically lock your device and asks to pay to unlock your device. In order to stay away from these apps and remove warms and Trojans, we need a powerful antivirus app for Android smartphones and tablets.

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Download Antivirus app for Android

There are lots of Antivirus app available on the Google Play Store, some safeguard from items downloaded from Internet and some requires internet to work on. Do we need to install many Antivirus apps to safe our Android from all the treats?? No there are some apps available that works like all in one app and Antivirus app by Fotoable.Inc is one of them, which works offline and does all tasks that any Antivirus app required to do i.e. fasten device speedremove all viruses and Trajan from Android without any hustle. The best thing about this Antivirus app is, it has given so many exciting features and available freely on the Play Store.

Features of Antivirus app for Android

  1. Malicious app detection

Antivirus app scan your system time to time to detect malicious apps and remove them to keep your Android virus free and safe

  1. Faster processing speed

Antivirus app free up your RAM storage space consumed by extra system and other unused apps to make your system work faster and better

  1. No need for AppLock

Antivirus app has given builtin applock so no need to download additional applock app to safeguard your system from prying eyes. It ensures safety from unauthorized access and lock any installed apps you choose

  1. Junk files cleaner

While transferring and receiving data with other devices or downloading from internet creates so many junk files which consumes your limited space and slow down your system performance. So using Antivirus app you would be able to remove those junk files and boost your system performance, it can also remove hidden garbage files which cannot be deleted manually from File Explorer


So that was all about Antivirus app for Android, now you can safeguard your smartphone freely simply by an app. Let me know If you have any problem regarding this app. Don’t forget to comment and share.


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