5 Cool Tattoo Gadgets You Need To Know

Tattoo is modern form of representation of thoughts that has emerged as a popular form of branding. It has been practiced severely over the last few years by different cultures. People have been bold to get themselves inked with needles penetrating deep through their flesh and depicting various forms of art and thoughts in form of body styling and tattooing. The rising popularity of tattooing has led to the use of many trendy tattoo gadgets which are a must have to begin with. Here are some of the basic tattoo gadgets that will help you achieve lower tattoos and different body styling forms.


Coil tattoo machine

Coil tattoo machine is one of the most commonly used tattoo machine that makes use of electromagnetic circuits to help the needle movements. The needles are also arranged in different patterns that enable one to ink different coil designs and have lower back tattoos. The coils are usually 8-10 wraps and allow the inking in a safe manner causing lesser discomfort and damage.

Rotary tattoo machine

Rotary machine is one of the ancient tattoo machines which were introduced during the dawn of the concept of tattoos. It was well suited for the very first tattoo designs and was incorporated with an electric motor to enable the revolving of needles to create different patterns. Improvisations have been made on this over the next years.

Shader tattoo machine

As the name suggests the shader tattoo machine helps to shade the sketched with vibrant black color and ink. The shaders are also used to create different line gaps and hence make a distinguished tattooed appearance. The machine uses the same motors like cycle machines to give saturated colors of the black fill.

Liner tattoo machine

Liner tattoo machine is a simple tattoo machine that allows drawing flawless lines and hence can also be used for sketching of lines with dark inks. It incorporates a shorter circuit to form patterns and generate crisp lines.

Pneumatic tattoo machine

Pneumatic tattoo machine are some of the trendiest and handy machines of rennet times developed lately. It produces refined results and runs on a compressed air pump. It is free of heavy cores and this compressed air pumps helps in the revolution of needles to create patterns. It has an autoclave proof and hence can allow tattooing in the safest way without causing any damages

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